A Dirge

Starless nights and heavy hums
Piercing cries, heart-wrenching screams
On and on we dragged along
Corpses of our wretched dreams

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Seller of Dreams

I knew a man once. An old man who rode an ancient, rusty and rickety bicycle. He had eyes as white as the foams of the sea and taut skin that stretched tightly over his gaunt frame. He always had an old tattered knapsack that had been patched severally slung across his shoulders…

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sumus image


The butterfly revels in the adoration of the sky
Its colorful wings fluttering beautifully
As it goes from flower to flower distributing its essence
Forgetful of the nights it spent
Being stomped upon and called ugly…

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A Piece of My Soul

Last night as I laid with Lust
Riding the highs and fearing the lows
I asked what it would cost to spend my life with her
She stroked my hair and named her price…

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